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Papa: Starlight Express

Andrew Lloyd Webber! My second Webber show was Starlight Express! I traveled to Germany and performed in the wonderful show for two years. Learning German was fun, hard and inspiring!

Austin Jetton

Mature and trained! Certified Chocolatier!!

Austin Jetton

The many looks of me tells you  I am serious about everything I do

Old Deuteronomy
I was blessed to cover this role for seven years. Old Deuteronomy is the wise old Cat who has seen it all. He convinces the other cats not to judge so quickly. Life can take many turns. Always be humble.

Garden Party

After getting my certification to make chocolates, My first display was in Sharon Springs NY at The Garden Party. Many many sales started here. You will always see my booth at The Garden Party and The Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs.




Performing on the stage and also performing in the kitchen!! Give me an audience and I will give you a show! I have been a professional actor now for over thirty-five years and I love the stage. A love for chocolates has inspired me to learn more about this special treat. Just like eating, I rehearse and practice, practice practice until I am ready to show my talents. Backstage, the mood is set! Pots, spatula, whisk, containers are ready for me to create my chocolate treats. The curtain is about to open and the show begins! People ask, why would you leave a professional career as a performer to become a chocolatier? My answer to that question is: I have not left the stage as a professional actor, I am just adding to the many things in life I want to accomplish. I have been successful in the arts, doing such shows as, "Cats", "Showboat" and others. Nationally, I  have performed all over the United States and Canada. Abroad, I performed on The West End sharing the stage with Cloris Leachman, Ned Beatty, Dean Jones to name a few. Germany, I performed in "Starlight Express", having to learn German for  those performances. You see, performing hits all aspects of entertainment, and making chocolates, I will do the same. Natural ingredients, spectacular color and absolutely delicious!  Order my truffles and you will hear me sing. I am sure you will hear yourself say, hmm hmm good!

Some of my roles

Austin Jetton

I am an actor who happens to love good chocolates! 

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